"The Exhibitionist presents design-led hotel experiences for 21st-century connoisseurs. An intervention, a blazing flash of anarchic colour and curatorial precision, it is located in South Kensington, London’s most elegant cultural heartland. It is the ultimate expression of the new boutique. The Exhibitionist is 37 rooms and eight gallery spaces contained within a pair of beautifully restored 18th-century townhouses. It is a monochrome canvas for cool artists and trendy designers to splash with extraordinary works. Then every season, the hotel blinks, and remakes itself anew with another breathtakingly original collection. But as the hotel redesigns itself, we also invite you, our guest, to curate your own experience here. From the scent in your room to a sexy cocktail idea; from a choice of private pools and secret balconies to, frankly, anything else you can think of. The Exhibitionist is a boutique revolution, where you’ll discover that luxury isn’t luxury unless it’s curated"